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Police Raid Sony: Pirated CDs Confiscated
How Hackers Care for Babies
Sheepherding LED Art?



A Month With Ubuntu
Wanna Take a Ride?
Fishtank Toilet
It's Good To Stay Sharp!


Robot = Done


Edit The Firefox Dictionary


Flying Humanoids Over Mexico
Time Zones Suck
Crazy Roommate Blog
Anatomy of a Black Hole
Marijuana and Alcohol Compared
Pictures that Changed the World
Robot Thursday!
Robot Test #2
Abandoned Village in Italy
Trophy Head Lamp
Homemade Nintendo Jewelry
Robot Test #1
Laser Magic
Images From Above Africa
Interactive Surfaces
Color Sensitive Shower Tiles
Star Wars Animated Statues
Food You Breathe
DIY: Instructables Ice Bulb
A Drop of Light
DIY: Remote Control
Life's Too Short For the Wrong Job
Nihilist Flavorless Chewing Gum
See-Saw Bookshelf
Butter Stick
Plush Nintendo System
3D Clock


Strange Weapons
Push-pin Night Stand
Vertex Table
McDonald's Food After 10 Weeks
Immersive 3D Video Environment
Americans Woefully Ill-Informed
What If Your Floor Could Feel You?
Stop a Bullet With Your Fat?
Small Clip Tells Time
Rose-colored Glasses
Banksy Stonehenge Port-A-Potties
30,000 Matchsticks Explode
Hobo Signs
Massive "Hello World" Semacode
Strange Japanese Costumes
8.7% Don't Have Bank Accounts
Japanese Sex Doll Factory
Pyramid of the Capitalist System
Rechargeable USB Shaver
Tin Toy
Match Under A Glass In A Microwave
The Fall of Ney York
Lunartik: A Lovely Cuppa Tea
Slacktivate Is Lost
Dangers of Stock Photography
Pepsi Ice Cucumber
Ten Most Common Photographic Mistakes
Safety Pin Wall Rack
Pac-Man Belt
Slacktivate Rocks
Beat Blocks
DIY: Steampunk Monitor Mod
Optigami Collapsing Glasses
Unusual Two-Storied Bus
Keep Those Feet Warm
Modular Furniture
Robotic Desk Lamp
Extreme Knitting
Magic Glowing Tape
Beat The Bubble
Browsers On Slacktivate
Nomad System
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
KAWS Super-Toy
THC Breathstrips
Ice Cream Sneakers
Candlelit Street Art
Japanese Human Tetris Game
USB Butt Cooler
Gigantic Crystals
Rip This Magazine In Half
Custom Wood Computer Peripherals
Bookcase Man
Flashing Keychain Traffic Cones
Glowing Fur
Remote Control Lederhosen
United States of America
Quake & Half-Life Papercraft
A Big Hole
Yo-yo Phone
Build A Simple Steam Engine
DIY: Submarine
Now This Is Odd
Networked Emoticon Device
Light Caravaning
DIY: USB Powered Light
Cutlery on the Go
Cell Phone Disco
Russian Dragon Tank Truck
Cool Jewels
Phone Bottle Opener
Rubik's Cube Earth
3D Subway Art
Bridge Jumping Billboard
How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors
UFO Abduction Lamp
Wallpaper Peep Show
Picture Frame Bubblegum Dispenser
DIY: Pumpkin Computing
Portable Drawing Device
The Marshmallow Rotisserie
Decisions, Decisions
Denmark Students Strip For Teachers
HTML Sterling Silver Earrings
Bubble House
Droog Doorbell
"Doomed" Card Karakuri Model
Porcelain Jellyfish
Make Your Own Plasma
Eccentric Guitars
Flexible Love
Botched Police Raids
Weird Things Kept In Jars
Balloon Art
Scary Tsunami Videos
Hanging Fishbowl
Kung Fu Incense Holder
Make Your Own Fresh Cheese
Cute USB Mimobots
Flash Fog Defense
Love / Hate
LED Hourglass
10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising
Psycho Bunny Tie
Underwater Sculpture Gallery
Mouse Jiggler


DIY: Keyless Residential Entry
Instant Noodle Timer
Paper Sculpture
Typewriter Vacuum Cleaner
CD Phonograph
Magnetic Dice Rubik's Cubes
Alaska Auroral Pictures (From Alaska!)
Soda Can Storage
Retro Spy Cameras
The Little Lamp
Spy Toilet
Easily Open A Combination Lock
Remote Controlled Dinosaur
Single Player Ping Pong
Urban Camping
Flags By Colors
Stars Wars: Where Are They Now?
Flavored & Filtered Tap Water
Hivemindesign - Rune Bed
Glow Brick
The Self-Balancing Scooter
Top Censored Stories of 2007
Dirty Costo Punching Bag
Slacktivate Is Slacking
Modern Prebuilt Homes
Draw Something!
Alcohol Stops Dementia
Lucky Beggar Purse
New York Returns
Concept Bikes
Going Past the Speed of Light?
Duct Tape Roses
Book of Life
Irregular Rubik's Cube
Plastic That Both Attracts and Repels Water
USB Powered Mini Fridge
The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog
Make Your Own Rubik's Cube Cake
Painted Perspectives
3D Oranges
Google Assimilates Robot Vision
China Air Quality & The Beijing Olympics
London Catacombs
Shoe Safe
Snake Tape
Chocolate Fights Tooth Decay?
Shoplifter Shopping Bag
Timothy Leary’s Message to You, Here, Now
The Time Table
The Pizza Vending Machine
Massive Custom Air Cannon
Fujiya & Miyagi Ankle Injuries
Art Installation: Test Site
The RIOT Wheel
Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds
Mathematics and Modesty in the Society of Jesus
Strange Ad Idea
Unique Wooden USB Memory Sticks
3D Eggs
Robotic Alarm Clocky
Night Photography of The Abandoned West
Denmark Developers Plan Hydrogen Community
P*PHONE Retro Headset
200 Calories in Photos
Breakdown Of Modern Web Design
Magic 8-Ball Revealed
Cocaine And High Tech Toilets Don't Mix
Coffins And Caskets For Kids
Origami Table
Pucker Up For Creative Advertising
Cast Shadows to Scare Thieves
Gigantic Sinkhole
Ice Caves
Make You Own Noise Eliminating Headset
Clock of Cubes
Glowing Bathwater?
Amazing Libraries
Strange Materials
Face Attracts a Mate
Humping Dog USB Device
MAKE/SHIFT Shelving System
Corridor of Death
Carbonite Chocolate Bar
Make Latte Art
Virgin Mary Toast Apparitions
Keychain Janga
Amazing Acrobatics
To Protect and Serve
Limbo Teaser Trailer
The Deep Ocean is Cool
Bloggers Are Dangerous
Changing Cupboard
Learn While You Sleep?
Slate Covers Reuters "Superpotent Weed" Story
Newsvine Relaunches; Still Boring
Transformer Couch
Collection of Tattooed Heads
Giant Connect 4
Designer Garbage Bags
Directions Dammit!
Blind Date Calendar
Smoking Fingers
3M Products From Asia
What is Trusted Computing?
Strictly Business
"Environmentally Friendly" Roller Coaster
Living Portable: Collapsible Cardboard Shelters
Is Earth Done?
Google Hacks
Keyboard Waffle Iron
Optimus Maximus Keyboard On Sale
Video Game Designers Are Terrorists!
Second X-Files Movie?
Steam Powered Horseshoe Crab
Puzzle Flooring
Xerox Inkless Printer
Pencil Animation Software


Trashy Trashcan
Spider Car
Cool Shooters
Hidden Passageways
Planet Internet
Catproof Your Computer
How to Open a Champagne Bottle with a Sword
New Nukes
Pictures Can Get You Fired!
Tower of Terror Photo
Thomas Broomé ModernMantra Series
Liquid On Your Laptop
The Amazing Rotating House
Feel seating system
When is it time to buy a new computer?
Delicious 7 Foot Worm
Daring Poodle Scam
Digital Pyrotechnic Matrix
Fisher-Price Airplane
Thailand's Toilet Restaurant
First Integrated Prom
Swimming Pool Pot
Children Love Chocolate
CD Drug Scale
Americans Pay More, Get Less
Eye of Sauron
Wired New York
Florida Power & Light Company
Bend Spoons Like Uri Geller
Cassette Wallet
World's Biggest Illegal Arms Market
Animatronics For Everybody (Part 1)
Hepatitis C Chocolates
Imagineering Tease
Find Little Green Men Now, Ask Me How
Well then... :-/
Black Ice is Nice
Teacher Leaves, Students Get Funky
Feel the Squeeze
Buffalo Children
Ten Uses For Your PS3
Everything 2.0
Construct Your Own Coilgun!
Slacktivate is Born


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